Explore the universities with the highest percentage of international students based on data collected by Times Higher Education. The higher education world is getting smaller as more people choose to study abroad. Students seek universities that provide an international experience, the opportunity to study alongside people from diverse backgrounds, and a truly global community.

As part of the data collected for the World University Rankings, Times Higher Education asks all institutions to provide figures on their percentage of international students. Using this data, THE has compiled a list of the top 200 universities with the highest percentage of international students.

In this table, and across our rankings, international students are defined as those studying in a different country from their usual residence.

Top Universities with the Highest Percentage of International Students
1. Macau University of Science and Technology, Macao
Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) ranks first with nearly 92% international students. Established in 2000, MUST offers courses in social sciences, sciences, law, management, business, medicine, pharmacy, tourism, art, communication, and languages. Reflecting its diverse student body, the university teaches in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. MUST has partnerships with over 200 institutions worldwide to facilitate student and staff exchange programs.

2. Near East University, Northern Cyprus
Near East University, the largest university in Northern Cyprus, offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields including architecture, dentistry, fine arts, engineering, veterinary science, law, maritime studies, and performing arts. The university’s international student office assists with applications and organizes student events on campus.

3. Constructor University, Germany
Located in Bremen, Germany, Constructor University has students from over 110 countries, including India, Nepal, the US, Albania, Pakistan, Morocco, and China. Most courses are taught in English. The university has more than 120 partnerships with other institutions globally. Students can choose their program of study from the course catalog or opt for a preselected study track.

4. Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus
Eastern Mediterranean University, the second Northern Cypriot university in the top five, offers courses mainly in Turkish and English. The university organizes student exchange programs in 13 countries, including the US, Canada, Italy, Austria, South Korea, and China. International students can apply for 50% and 25% scholarships.

5. American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
The American University of Sharjah (AUS) has over 5,000 students, with 74% being international. Students from 99 countries, including Egypt, Jordan, and India, study here. English is the main teaching language. AUS is a member of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities, delivering higher education based on the American liberal arts model outside the US. The university’s international studies department organizes the annual Model United Nations conference for high school and university students.

Global Representation in Higher Education
Countries represented in the top 20 include the UAE, UK, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia. Twenty universities from London feature in the top 200, making it one of the most represented cities in the ranking. The UK is the most represented country, with 64 universities in the top 200, compared to 18 from the US and 16 from Australia.

This trend reflects the increasing importance of global perspectives in higher education, with students seeking diverse and inclusive academic environments. As universities continue to attract international students, they foster a global community that enriches the educational experience for all.

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